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The Felix Fun is a Boulder-based community of great, bootstrapped, built-for-life companies... the kind that customers love to shout from the rooftops about, employees thrive in, and owners want to grow old with.

The Felix Fun community of companies include:

PosterBrain - enlarging happiness one poster at a time

SnapEngage - live chat engagement experts

StickerGiant - custom sticker experts

SurveyGizmo - enterprise survey software

The Felix Fun helps grow small companies into great companies by: 

+ Nurturing the creation of remarkably unique value for customers

+ Turning customers into raving fans 

+ Building teams of excited, engaged, happy employees

+ Creating profitable, meaningful, lasting companies

To be a part of the Felix Fun, must be:

1. Entrepreneur-led and bootstrapped (no outside funding, other than friends and family) 

2. At least $80k/month in revenue, profitable, and growing

3. Business and industry has potential to create a great enduring company

4. Based within 30 miles of Boulder (or easily relocatable to)

5. Partners share a strong vision together

About Bill Flagg

Bill Flagg started The Felix Fun in 2008 to be an angel partner in helping other entrepreneurs grow great companies and thrive through organic growth. Bill talks about it here... Bill Flagg's blog.

Bill loves living in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs. He loves to mountain and road bike, ski, travel, and read as much as possible. 

"The Felix Fun" - Felix means "happy" or "lucky" in Latin.

The Felix Fun LLC
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